Brow Wax

Also Called: Brow Shaping

Summary: On this page you’ll learn about the Brow Waxing services offer by Red Sands Vein. If you are interested in Brow Waxing, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation in St. George, Utah.

About this Treatment

The brows are one of the most important parts of the face, so they deserve some love and care! Brow waxing is the removal of hair around the brow to achieve your desired look. It helps to frame and flatter the face as well as define the eyes.


1) Begin by cleansing the skin to remove makeup and oils around the brow.
2) Then apply and remove wax from brow area
3) Finish with oil to remove wax residue.

What to expect/ how long will it take/ how many treatments will I need?

It will take approximately 20 minutes.

It varies from case to case, as needed. We recommend clients to wait 2 weeks
between appointments.

Success Rate

85% success rate without side effects.

Risks/ Side Effects

Erythema, ingrown hair follicles, allergic relations to wax, bleeding, redness and irritation, sun sensitivity.

Is it Painful?

Moderate to none

Recovery time

30-60 minutes before redness and/or erythema are completely gone.

Covered by Insurance?



Pain is moderate, but it is so fast that you barely feel it. It can make your eyes water during appointment.

As service provider and patient, we work together to map out the perfect shape for you, so you feel comfortable from the beginning to the final result!

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