We Offer Utah Vein Treatments & Aesthetics Procedures

Red Sands Vein and Laser board-certified physicians offer Utah vein treatments. They are committed to being the first choice of patients for the treatment and elimination of varicose veins. All of our providers have specialized and are qualified to perform the most current and technologically advanced procedures for treating venous diseases. We provide our patients with the best procedures in order to ensure a high success rate, with little to no complications, and a very low recurrence rate.

Venous disease affects everyone differently. That’s why our providers take the time to get to know you and your veins so you receive the right diagnosis and the right treatment. The initial physical examination consists of learning about you and your family’s medical history, your vein conditions during pregnancy, history of blood clots, how much pain you experience and other important information.

Tests for Venous Disease

As part of the evaluation, you’ll undergo an ultrasound for venous disease in the legs or a venogram for pelvic congestion. These advanced imaging technologies help us map the unique veins in your body, so we can better understand your condition. An ultrasound uses painless sound waves higher than human hearing. It allows the provider to measure the speed of blood flow and to see the structure of leg veins. A venogram is an x-ray for people suffering from vein disease in the pelvic area. It helps doctors evaluate the condition of your veins and their valves. Before a venogram is performed, a special dye is put into your veins so the x-ray can see them.

Expert Staff

Part of our expert staff includes highly-qualified, registered sonographers that use state-of-the-art imaging ultrasound and venography equipment. To see if these Utah vein treatment procedures are right for you, or to answer specific questions you have, please contact Red Sands Vein and Laser at 435-673-2301 or contact us online.